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Jennifer I think having the overcast sky works well because it leaves the only color coming from the green water and doesn't distract. This is a great pattern picture!

Lauren Huston Thanks Jennifer :) it's a very awesome place to play with long exposure, and is very popular with photographers!

Satoshi T Very interesting place Lauren :D

Lauren Huston Yeah it's definitely a different water / pier view!

Joe Fortin That was on a phone? What an age we live in!

Lauren Huston While I have done this shot with a phone before, this particular one was taken with my Sony a7s, but because I didn't bring a computer with me, my only editing ability (including stitching the 6 or so images together) was using the phone. :)

Joe Fortin Ah! Thanks for the clarification. Still, great picture.

Lauren Huston If anyone is interested, this is the view on a calm sunny day :):

Roman Czarny Wow and speechless with impressions