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Jan Pinkosz Walcz dzielna mamo, bo dzisiaj makaron cenniejszy niż złoto! 😃

Viola Qniej u nas króluje ostatnio ryż w pomidorówce, makaron się przejadł, ale gadowi nie oddam! :P

Iwona- shadoke Matko, nie strasz dziecka ;) super!

Viola Qniej R. piszczala ze śmiechu, później ona dosiadla odkurzacz 😂

Iwona- shadoke Prawdziwy dom wariatów ;)

Viola Qniej wariatek 🤣😂

Bruce I can see who’s having the most fun here 😂😊. Go V!!! 😊

Viola Qniej exactly 🤣🤪😂

Bruce Next up... a good game of hide and seek ... but I suspect you’ve played that a few times already 😂😊

Viola Qniej hide and seek is boring when u have a vacuum cleaner, B!

Bruce Maybe in YOUR house haha. :-)

Viola Qniej 🤪🤪

Bruce Btw, cool head for testing out portrait lighting :-)

Viola Qniej yesssss! 🤪

Bruce Almost forgot... awesome slippers! :-)

Viola Qniej 😂🤣😂🤣🤪

Paweł Kadysz Quarantine day 11. Things are getting out of control :P

This is one of my fav pics from your album. everything is just perfect. I love how I only spotted the kid after looking at the photo for a bit.

Chapeau bas. 🎩👌

Viola Qniej no, my dear - we're here from 25 days, so... u know... 😂🤣🤪

Paweł Kadysz Well then, it doesn't look that bad for 25 days :P

Viola Qniej we will see tomorrow 😂

Ian Prince Indeed R. looking on (with a helmet ready to put on!) is the perfect touch !

Viola Qniej hahahah this helmet always hangs there on the armchair :) look "#63"

tania 😂

vera You transform ordinary life into extraordinary! So good!🤣

Viola Qniej we can't be normal after 25 days, Vera 🤪

roxana28 Haha świetne ujęcie:).

Viola Qniej dziękuję! :)

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