bvphotosnap Great themed image @Satoshi

craig Clever shot!

Ana @Satoshi what about "Hanami"? Is alraedy started in Tokyo?I hope You will show us a nice photo of cherry blossoming:)

Satoshi T Cherry brossming in Tokyo will start about End of March. I will tookapic @Ana ! and @Chino tookapic "Ohinasama" yesterday.I think it is original of your profile page.

Satoshi T @Ana I took first "Hanami" photo "Hanami". :)

My Confetti Moon Very nice capture & words :))

Roman Czarny So it is sometimes people listen and do not hear
You at least do not pretend to be but it can ever hear

Rohini Nice text and interesting shot. Perfect for this week's theme.:)

Magda Ko I got your point

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