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craig Wow your mum looks amazing for someone who is 94!

vera Yes! She looks not so old... That's what everybody say :-)

My Confetti Moon Such a beautiful gesture & pic of you lovely ladies :))

vera Thanks myconfettimoon! :-)

Magda Korzewska Fantastic pic Vera

vera Thank you very much Magda! I'm a little afraid to make portraits, don't know anything about that... Just how I feel. I wanted it as natural as possible. Not many post adjustments... What do you think? If anyone want to give me his point of view or advice I'm open...

Magda Korzewska Vera I am very begginier it terms of technical staff. I can only tell you what I see in terms of mood and composition. I like it as it look for me a little bit as a candit portrait. Your mum and you are very relaxed, happy and natural. this I think is the most important. You will come back to this photo in 10 years and with great pleasure. For me it is a little bit like street photo, reportage. I would never guess this is selfie. Great work Vera.

vera Thank you Magda for your interesting point of view, seems to me very appropriate! :-)

Satoshi T It's great selfie with your lovely mom. I can't believe that you make this spacial flaming and focus without a finder :) well done!

vera Thank you Satoshi! It was difficult ... I made many pictures to get there and find an acceptable framing, perhaps by chance?... my Olympus is really small and light, and despite this my left arm was very tired at the end! :-)

Hanna Gawrychowska beautiful photo Vera

vera Thank you Hanna! :-)

tania Oh yes ! She's always been beautiful. Embrasse-là pour moi.

vera Thank you Tania! I'll do! sure! ;-)

Rohini The beauty of this pic lies in the love you feel for each other; which is so apparent. Would have never guessed its a selfie.Beautiful!

vera Thank you very much Rohini! I hoped communicate something like that! Glad you see it :-)

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