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Grace awesome, I love old camerasm they look so nice

Satoshi T I alos love old cameras very much Grace!

Hanna Gawrychowska I think it's difficult work

Satoshi T It seems difficult first, but old cameras constructions are all similar and function appears the shape.

Terry Artt That is very intricate work, is it a hobby?

Satoshi T I'm glad if it was useful to the people. But it is a hobby because there are no needs in people nowaday :)

Balazs Silber I did the same with a old lens too last night. It was a big work. But the dust is gone ;)

Satoshi T Very interesting coincidence :) . It is fun to maintenance the old camera Balazs !

Roman Czarny Very difficult and demanding precision work - the perfect photo

Satoshi T Thank you Roman. I love old mechanism appear their shape the function.

Gabriela Jaworowska łał...trzeba by mi moje starocie poczyścić...

Satoshi T Proszę dać je wyczyścić. Oni radość. @Gabriela :)

Rohini You almost seem like a surgeon @Satoshi doing such intricate work. Nice shot.

Satoshi T I do not come true in the surgeon's accuracy. but I like something to do with precision equipment. :)

Michael Gatton Lovely setup, Satoshi. I think I drink way too much coffee to do this kind of work.

Satoshi T Yes! I also drink a lot of coffee when this work :)

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Canon EOS 5D Mark II
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