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Tookapic is a 365-day photo-sharing platform that encourages you to not only remember the extraordinary days, but to also give thanks to the beautiful, ordinary days in between.

Day 735
Day 68
breakfast on the terrace
Day 11
Spotkanie o poranku
Niesamowitość lasu polega na tym, że wchodząc do niego nigdy nie wiem co mnie w nim spotka, na tej stronie opublikowałam około 7 z...
Day 1,657
Almost forgot to take the photo today
Day 1,104
I got up at 5:30 this morning to meet @tania down at the lake. She had shot some amazing photos the day before while paddling with a friend, y...
Day 989
niewinne spotkanie...
Day 475
Bird on the mast
Pogoda sprzyja, więc warto, skoro świt, pojechać nad jezioro... usłyszeć ciszę i budzące się ptaki... Jeden przysiadł na maszcie i po...
Day 1,353
Hello there!
S04E258 #bird #owl #animal #vertebrate #wings
Day 602
Day 817
Day 1,199
double exposure vibes today :) the inside photo was shot couple weeks earlier.. but the main photo is today :) haha
Day 816
Day 469
... rankiem rosą osrebrzane...
Day 1,647
Day 730
2 years
It was another great year with thousand of photos and only 365 here on Tookapic 😊 Thank you All for your support and beeing a part of Big Took...
Day 1,645
Rain got me in the middle of the mountain. Got down with no power left. Good holidays thou, around 80km by foot in 3,5 days, complete brain reset
Day 1,645
Morning Commute
On my way to work. Beautiful #weather. Great #light. The only thing we're missing now is the 10+ °C temperature. #theme-early-bird #fo...
Day 942
I've been having a not-so-fun time at work recently. I think the time has come to cut my losses and start looking elsewhere. Unfortunately it als...
Day 463
My morning
Temat tygodnia bardzo mi pasuje :) Jestem rannym ptaszkiem :) #theme-early-bird #morning #lake #sailboat #sunrise #sun
Day 28
Moravia, day 2
Day 819
Day four - Welcome to Sakrisøy
View from the Hill of Olenilsøy on the small island Sakrisøy The small island of Sakrisøy is situated at the foot of Ol...
Day 840
Blue & Selfie
Day 817
Day Two - Uttakleiv Beach
Uttakleiv Beach is perhaps Norway’s most photographed beach. Depending on the season, Uttakleiv attracts explorers seeking o...
Day 458
Blue morning
- Czy to jest dobry dzień? Udało się wstać na wschód słońca.... Jest plan w głowie, bo pogoda sprzyja. Żeby wszystko poszło dobrze zabier...