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Day 1,130
Lonely tree
Morning walk #alone-tree #tree #spring
Day 26
Reaching for the book during the quarantine.
Day 1,128
On the way
Day 829
to­czy się świe­cą­cy...
Day 321
Day 827
Monday morning
Wiosna inna niż wszystkie, kwiecień inny niż poprzednie, bez łódek, żaglówek, wędkarzy... a słońce wschodzi, drzewa rosną,ptaki się gni...
Day 826
właśnie wysycha...
Day 1,619
18 years ago something happened
So what happened? I met the woman of my life. And that's how we live. Together. And today, on the occasion of our anni...
Day 75
Day 823
Way to the sun
Warto jednak wstać rano :) dla takich chwil, naprawdę - warto... #sun #sunrise #lake #awans #birds
Day 1,361
Black, red, white
liquid 3
Day 2,000
I'm out of zeros
and place on the T-shirt #theme-wtf
Day 2,000
This is it. 2000 photos in a row. Without a single day missed. When I posted pic couple of years ago, I thoug...
Day 1,292
how to drink
Day 1,164
Day 817
Haunted forest
Czy te oczy naprawdę mogą wystraszyć? Było strasznie!!!... szybkie zdjęcia i ucieczka... Nie wiem, co tam się teraz dzieje, ale ja jest...
Day 1,293
The wind was up a lot, so there wasn't the nice still water of the prior day.
Day 1,910
Studio lighting examples: one light - split
The start of a little series of different studio light setups. 135cm Octobox (with single internal diffuse...
Day 1,088
quarantine day 10
Day 1,603
sunset over the gravel pit
yesterday's return home from work and on the way an evening walk with Amber
Day 1,992
Year one
I think the #birthday series we started four years ago for our older #son, was one of the best thing we did. So we're doing the very same thi...
Day 1,226
Today I lost all the photos I took because the memory card had a small broken corner. Unable to download photos to my computer. I had a nice, me...
Day 1,906
Thumbs up 👍👍
Good feeling to be a bit silly 🙃 Inspired by #my-pandemic-washingmachine #theme-at-home
Day 1,436
Some things haven't changed...
I shot these this morning while the sun was coming up... It was so peaceful and it felt as if it was just another day l...