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Day 855
Some nice reflections in the still water. :)
Day 219
St Kilda Sunset
I thought there might be a nice sunset tonight on the way home - got to St Kilda just as the sun dropped below the horizon behind a ba...
Day 307
City View
Today there has been a massive fire at a recycling plant near Melbourne city, so the city had been covered with smoke for most of the day. T...
Day 519
I had an adorable photo of Bonnie lined up to use for today's photo, but a completely random storm showed up at sunset, so I ran out the door t...
Day 248
The Docks
Enjoying a walk after work, and wandered down to the water at Docklands to enjoy the view. #night #evening #monday #downtown #water #city #r...
Day 323
I wandered over to St Kilda today, again to play with the Samyang 14mm, and also to enjoy the warmest day we've had in a while (I have the heate...
Day 208
Sunset Reflections
The sky was starting to look like yesterday's sunset, with a haze and clouds building, so I decided to come back to Docklands to se...
Day 336
So I've shot here a few times now (https://tookapic.com/photos/455976 and https://tookapic.com/photos/464373) and tonight I decided to try agai...
Day 389
Fairy Lights
These lights are set up on some Moreton Bay Fig Trees at QUT (Queensland University of Technology). I could see them across the river but...
Day 411
I have actually shot this before, it's located in an arcade in Melbourne CBD, but I visited once and promptly forgot where the arcade was. I acc...
Day 591
In the 5 years that I've been involved in photography, I've gone through various phases, but generally speaking I'm too lazy to edit photos outs...
Day 220
Macedon Autumn
Today I decided at the last minute to jump on a train to Macedon to check out the fairly legendary Honour Ave, known for it's autumn co...
Day 524
Traffic #5
A revisit of last week's https://tookapic.com/photos/621517, but this time I took my 14mm lens with me. Hmm.... I don't like it as much as...
Day 498
Fire in the Sky
I discovered on Friday that there was going to be a big festival on in the Sunshine Coast (about 100km from where I live) on Saturday,...
Day 224
Took the little girl to the aquarium today, which was pretty nice. Not really the most photographically opportunistic place though, until the...
Day 530
We couldn't skip main highlight of this part of Australia. Byron Bay is most easterly point of mainland and it's absolutely amazing. Beauti...
Day 427
Red Giraffes
I left work late today, which gave me an excuse to hang around until sunset. I'm glad I did. When I got to Port Melbourne I realised that...
Day 299
Princes Bridge
Another of my favourite places to shoot. Standing up on the bridge and looking back towards where I was standing for this shot gives a...
Day 632
Low Tide
I was hoping to get the full reflection of sky in the water but the water was just that little bit too low. :( #outdoors #nature #afternoon #...
Day 517
Traffic #4
After the success of light trails last night, I decided to attempt a location within the city itself that I've been eyeing off for a while....
Day 551
12 apostles
Finally we got to main attraction of Great Ocean Road or even whole Australia. Twelve Apostles are truly amazing. There is a little bit of...
Day 325
That Bridge Again
On Monday night, I took the train to Malmsbury afterwork as everything was showing that it was due to be a really clear night. One p...
Day 303
Bolte Bridge/Docklands
Well I did take this shot with the intention of it fitting into the Bridges theme, but I think I've added it too late. Was out...
Day 573
Doom and Gloom
Another day where I could see it was going to be a nice sunset, only this time I was stuck at work. Because I work so close to the ferr...