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6 photos
Day 1,077
The Palace
I wrote my last note on the way to Warsaw. I had no expectations about the job interview, full disclosure - I went there feeling I owe this...
Day 652
Two Icelandic gods #2
Remember those guys? - last year's OFF Festival, two years ago (before my tookapic project st...
Day 515
Mother and daughter
Freedom day three - Sunday :) This time Martyna didn't have to work at the festival (but She did it anyway for some time), but wan...
Day 514
Golden sunset
Well, yeah. Another portrait, this time with my Woman of choice :) After a hard day yesterday we had some good sleep in the strangest ho...
Day 379
Seems I've missed the lesson of photography with "don't shoot against the sun" subject. That seagull on the left annoys me, but the whole i...
Day 25
Well, it'd be hard to take it as a selfie, since I'd have to have five-kilos heavy tripod for that wind not to take it (is that sentence correc...