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88 photos
Day 664
Kakapoo in front of the "ile de la Harpe"
#lake #evening #landscape #water #sea #wednesday #sky #boat #may #canoe #little-kakapo #small-boat
Day 663
Kakapo working
#bird #evening #tuesday #may #little-kakapo
Day 433
No mountains visible today in Grindelwald, just snow and fog. Kakapo and me took a sledge ride. He really enjoyed it! But well... I had to creat...
Day 435
la haut sur la montagne, il y a un vieux chalet...
Kakapo posing on the door handle of an old chalet. We're still waiting for lovely (or at least less...
Day 1,005
Welcome Little Kakapo
Finally Little Kakapo arrived at my studio in Japan after a long world journy of #little-kakapo ! Thank you @jenniferforjoy ! I...
Day 436
little Kakapo admiring Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau
I think it was worth keeping little Kakapo here a bit longer to show him this famous panorama. Finall...
Day 1,007
Red Corridor
@inspirationfeed 's in Kyoto is very famous, but there are several red corridor in Tokyo as well. Today...
Day 430
Little Kakapo admiring the Thunersee panorama
I was at Wilderswil (near Interlaken) today to make some relatives happy with stencils on the walls of t...
Day 1,037
Shinjuku Kabukicho
I went kabukicho crossing with Little Kakapo. There are many signs and There is a Godzilla in the center. #morning #outdoors #satur...
Day 1,015
I brought Little Kakapo to Shibuya Scramble Crossing. Many skyscrapers has been built newly in recent years here. #friday #afternoon #road #st...
Day 424
sunset on frozen lac de joux
Little kakapo came without shoes, now he has cold feet. On the other hand, he didn't complain about having to be in my po...
Day 1,006
Nakano Broadway
This is inside of shopping mall called 'Broadway' in the north of Nakano station. It is not an ordinary shopping mall. Along with Akih...
Day 1,009
Today I went to Akihabara with Little Kakapo. It was in the past that this was the city of electronics parts. #morning #outdoors #saturday #...
Day 1,013
Tokyo Station
I went to Tokyo Station with Little Kakapo. Many of station buildings are not unique. So I love this and Harajuku station very much. How...
Day 423
welcome little kakapo!
Guess who came to me 2 minutes before I had to leave home to go to work... He complained that during the last 6 days in a box h...
Day 1,054
When you see it
I imitated @pawelkadysz 's . This is a "dog" in Japanese tradition. Their hair is curled, but they...
Day 1,023
Japanese garden -Summer- with Kakapo
Today I went Shinjuku Gyoen with LittleKakapo. There is no flooding in Tokyo, but it is terrible heat every day.....
Day 428
Little Kakapo watching the alps
In the last snow on the Mänziwilegg. The peaks in the background, from left to right: Wetterhorn - Schreckhorn - Finst...
Day 1,008
Senso-ji Temple
I went Senso-ji with Little Kakapo. There are so many tourists. The lady on the left Tookapic at the same angle 😉 #outdoors #friday #a...
Day 434
Kakapo on skis
Taking a breath and looking at the Wetterhorn after a rough ride. Shortly after we had taken this pic the mountains disappeared in clou...
Day 432
Little Kakapo tasting Cheese Fondue at the Swiss meeting
I had some better framed and less grainy pics from today. But I wanted to have more than chee...
Day 419
Kakapo look at "Les Dents-du-Midi"
This morning I made a walk with Kakapo! Here is in the background "Les Dents-du-Midi" (Switzerland), and in the mid...
Day 1,042
Tokyo Metropolitan Government
I brought Little Kakapo to Tokyo Metropolitan Government for updating my driver's license. #morning #thursday #outdoors...
Day 427
Beetle No.53 (the meeting)
This rainy day was perfect for a meeting of little Kakapo and little Beetle! I think they had fun. At least the Kakapo :-D...