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6 photos
Day 461
Funfair landscape
Just like last year (, there's a funfair next to Hotel Forum this April - but this time the weath...
Day 501
Night grainy cityscape
Okay, I'll get it short: I worked till 9 p.m. and went for some quick shopping, then came to my friends who were enjoying a gri...
Day 101
First Milky Way Photo
I found a place near my house that is dark enough to let me take this photo. It was too late in the evening to go to a place tha...
Day 779
Evening walk
A short walk between the trees in old park in Słocina. It was very dark. Only The moon shone strongly, and I only had a 35mm lens. I look...
Day 360
#360: Nocturne with (some) stripes
A urban-scene taken at Place de la Republique (Paris) with an available light and handheld camera (no tripod) #outd...
Night Sky
This place is out the back of Havelock North. Lots of wineries and olive growers in this area. Really nice to be out in the dark with only t...