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January 20th - January 27th
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Take your camera downtown during the rush hour and shoot some pics of the traffic. Maybe even take your tripod and shoot those nice long-exposure photos of car lights? Good luck!

This theme is expired. Check out the current one: Mono.
Day 738
Traffic #theme-traffic
Day 387
387. White road
387. White road Beautiful view while driving to work. There was also a small traffic, thanks to which I managed to take a picture from behind the whee...
Day 1,209
Light stream 2
Light stream 2 From WTC tokyo. This time I focus not to railway but to express way. I use PEN-F's Live composite. Technical data: Basic shutter speed=...
Day 1,567
Traffic My entry for #theme-traffic, but I think it's also a #streakpic. I wanted to shoot a nice blurred traffic lights photo, but it was so damn col...
Day 649
Królowej Jadwigi
Królowej Jadwigi #theme-traffic
Day 716
Rondo ONZ
Rondo ONZ #theme-traffic
Day 712
Marszałkowska Street
Marszałkowska Street #theme-traffic
Day 391
S52 #theme-traffic.
Day 1,565
barry allen?
barry allen? #theme-traffic
Day 388
CAR TRAVEL - tradycyjny wiadukt i wspólne zdjęcia z @owcafoto. Jak zwykle wesoło pomimo zimna i wiatru w twarz :) #theme-traffic #night #lights #traff...
Day 753
Biały Motycz
Biały Motycz Totalny spokój. Tu korków nie ma :) #theme-traffic
Day 752
To był długi poniedziałek
To był długi poniedziałek #theme-traffic
Day 1,153
1962: building roads for today's traffic!
1962: building roads for today's traffic! They were oversized by then, but they're too small for nowaday's amount of traffic. Built with 4 lanes they...
Day 1,150
second try
second try #theme-traffic
Day 641
Day 1,181
bike line
bike line #theme-traffic
Day 752
Air pollution its a bitch. Can't breathe in the morning. #theme-traffic
Day 754
Night long exposure
Night long exposure #theme-traffic
Day 722
10 #autobusyitramwaje #theme-traffic
Day 572
#572 [207]
#572 [207] This time I was a passenger and can take some pics on the way. The weather was not especially nice that day, but fortunately the traffic wa...
Day 388
388. By night
388. By night We went to our viaduct with @shadoke, and the moment we came there, a car collision happened. The car lost control and hit the railings....
Day 376
mijanka #theme-traffic
Day 513
Day 755