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Kazzi selfies side-project

I tried to upload a selfie daily for a year, but one day facebook messenger went wrong... and the whole project collapsed. It was fun and crazy, to keep two projects simultaneously. I like it crazy.
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Day 176
Sometimes You find yourself in a place and time totally different from expectations. We were supposed to dance during Wreaths UnSound silent d...
Day 175
Since I didn't take any selfie during "wianki" (wreaths) concerts and we got stuck in a traffic jam on our way from Kazimierz to Błonia for so...
Day 174
New arrivals! After two years of selling only Fujifilm Instax cameras, we got the Polaroid ones - and although I prefer the instax ones, it's...
Day 173
Fat thursday again! We were heading for an afterparty beer, when I spotted an old car to shoot... shame our weekly theme "Retro cars" has ende...
Day 172
Another whole day at work - but when I saw, that Przemek and Staszek from Olympus are doing some workshops in Cracow, I texted them and got in...
Day 171
You know You're home, when right after first day of work there is a concert of your friends - SALK - and Mr. Silla(Sigurlaug Gísladóttir) from...
Day 170
So we came home from Budapest around 2 o'clock, went straight to sleep, had breakfast in the afternoon, unpacked our things and... I went slid...
Day 169
After yesterday night's eating and drinking and more eating, this time we took our boards and rode around the old town. Budapest is perfect fo...
Day 168
So, we went for a long walk around Bratislava old town in the morning and then packed our things and drove to Budapest. We've been to this cit...
Day 167
So, from Brno, we went to Bratislava, slept at one of the main streets (thanks AirBNB) and in the early morning we took a ride to Vienna :) Si...
Day 166
Brno! After one and a half days in Prague we decided to visit second biggest city in Czech Republic. Have to admit, the old town is pretty imp...
Day 165
Prague is really a great city :) we've walked it there, back and forth and I love it. A great place for a weekend trip, quite a nice amount of...
Day 164
Two happy people on their holidays trip. This time - Drezno, Dresden, main square. I am impressed by this city's old town, it all really doesn...
Day 163
Woke up very early, right after the sunset :) had a great walk around some fish ponds, took lots of pictures of them and mountains, some panor...
Day 162
Domi and Michał aka Hermione, Harry and Ron. Yeah. One of the most clever people I ever got to know, a person I treat almost like a younger si...
Day 161
Since yesterday we've decided to meet again, this time for a beer, I didn't upload a selfie from yesterday with @jagucze_s8vuaig and @sasa - b...
Day 160
Konrad aka "Koko", my friend, a webcomic drawer ( - strongly recommended and addictive), longboarder and an...
Day 159
On my way to work today I stepped into my Mother's former workplace and drank a quick coffee with "uncle" Gregory. I remember that man since,...
Day 158
Well... what could I do on my free day if not work? My second day as an Olympus promoter. A quick selfie in my glass cabinet (the one I share...
Day 157
Surprisingly, this morning the pain was almost gone. I went to Olympus Macro workshops in the very morning, then to see the physiotherapist wi...
Day 156
After yesterday's slide session, today my backbone refused to cooperate. I woke up with some serious pain somewhere in the middle of it, and s...
Day 155
After Sunday's longboarding, since it was very, very hot we went for some ice cream with Afera - and Si Gela! is a great place, where You can...
Day 154
After the I got a call from Andzia, Micz's girlfriend - She had a serious toothache and went to a night den...
Day 153
I had another photo from that day, but since for my main profile I chose, didn't want another selfie from w...