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Asia_O. Big congratulations! Great job!😊👏👏👏👏👏

Ian Prince Thanks Asia

agnieszka bladzik congrats Ian :D welcome to the club ;)

Ian Prince Thanks Agnieszka. Let’s hope one day we can both be in the 10-year club 😊

Daniel Borth Congratulations!!!

Ian Prince Thanks Daniel, I was inspired by your 5-year pic today 😊

Artur Łobocki Big congratulations @Ian. I'm proud of your achievement!

Ian Prince Thanks Artur! Let’s hope we can all make many more achievements here on Tookapic 🍀

Artur Łobocki Yes, we can ! 💪

craig Congratulations Ian!

Ian Prince Thanks Craig!

gr65 Congratulations Ian! Its great!

Ian Prince Thanks Anna 😊

Edward Chang Congratulations! Ian!

Ian Prince Thanks Edward 😊

Hanna Gawrychowska big big congratulations Ian - I wish you a great next 365 projects.

Ian, You were here when I was posting my first photos and I hope you will be here when we put our last photos here many years from now - love yours projects

Ian Prince Well thank you Hanna. Yes, let's hope we can all share our projects for many more years here. The community, even now smaller, is still so special.

Jan Pinkosz An impressive result.🙂 Congratulations Ian! 🏆👏

Ian Prince Thanks Jan!

Lido Congratulations 👋🌸 seven years is a very long time, I like watching your project and I hope Tookapic will not disappear like a soap bubble. Best wishes.

Ian Prince Thank you Lido. Yes, seven years is a long time. Yet at the same time it has passed by so fast. And that's just one of the great things about a posting here, marking the passage of time and sharing that with the lovely community we have.

Rafal Laczynski This is impressive. Congratulations on 7 years of perseverance. Great project, Jan!

Ian Prince Thanks you Rafal! it's good to see you back here and posting photos again. Long live Tookapic and the community we have :)

Basia Congratulations Ian!!!

Ian Prince Thank you Basia :)

Paweł Kropek Congratulations!

Ian Prince Thanks Paweł!

cloridia Wow, congratulations! :)

Ian Prince Thanks Cloridia!

Dana Lightman My turn to congratulate you. Seven years is impressive!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Ian Prince Thanks Dana!

Iwona- shadoke The numbers are impressive! Your photos are impressive! Congratulations!

Ian Prince Thanks Iwona!

Ingrid Smeets Congratulations!!

Ian Prince Thanks Ingrid!

tigg Congrats of course. Sometimes, I go to post my photo and wonder if the site will still be here? But as long as it is, folks like you and me and many others will just keep posting.

Ian Prince Thanks! Yes indeed!

Bartek Pielacha Big congratulations Ian! I admit I've had only a small bite of your work, but it is impressive and inspiring in many ways - thanks! I wish your next year will be full of interesting projects and will bring you closer to the "way it should be" 😁 Cheers!

Maciek Korsan congrats! :)

Ian Prince Thanks Maciek! You're not that far behind me reaching 7 year too :)

Phillip Flores Congratulations! What a great achievement.

Ian Prince Thanks Phillip!

azral big congrats! :)

Ian Prince Thanks Azral

ᛒᚱᚨᚾᚾ᛬ᛟᚷ᛬ᛁᛊ Wow wow wow, congrats! :)

Ian Prince Thanks thanks thanks!

jazzie Congrats, Ian! Lookng forward to see many more of your pics here!

Ian Prince Thanks Jazzie! Long live Tookapic :)

Bartosz Congrats!!!

Ian Prince Thanks Bartosz!

Kateli Wow !!! That's fab !!!

Ian Prince Thanks !!!

Krzysztof Puszczyński Nice! Congratulations!

Ian Prince Thanks Krzysztof!

120mr Congrats! So many years! The time flies...

Ian Prince Thanks! It certainly does…

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