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Kept alive by tookapic for 1000 days. Will come back soon.
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Day 572
Contrast is everything
I was really curious, what's the weekly theme, and I checked it out while getting out of work at 5:30 p.m. - and since I had an...
Day 514
Golden sunset
Well, yeah. Another portrait, this time with my Woman of choice :) After a hard day yesterday we had some good sleep in the strangest ho...
Day 509
Clean up
Taking out the trash at work resulted in spotting window cleaners, so I returned to the store to take my camera... And caught the cleaners ri...
Day 791
Oh, I've seen You before #6
Oh, I've seen You before #6 This time it's bluish. I had quite a good day at work, went to Czesław Śpiewa concert to Alchemia club and... had a really...
Day 714
Cold Wawel / I've seen You before #5
Cold Wawel / I've seen You before #5 Yes, I love this castle. You know that well. After a day at work I stopped to take some long-exposure shots of th...
Day 803
It has begun!
It has begun! http://joemonster.org/p/1357560/spacerzdziadkiem Taken during my morning walk with the dog with Asahi Pentax-m 50mm f/1.7, edited in col...
Day 543
It. was. perfect. Every year this festival has some headliners I really don't care about, and some I'm really dying to see, and Sohn was one of t...
Day 691
An idea
When I arrived at work yesterday and saw the theme (and @paveusky 's https://tookapic.com/photos/579722).. oh, I fell in love. This weekly the...
Day 811
Wedge wedge wedge
Wedge wedge wedge Come on, Spring, I hope You're here to stay. Our longboard season has started and is here to stay - we're gonna be meeting every Tue...
Day 747
Triangles and ceilings
Triangles and ceilings Monday Funday. Waking up and hearing "I'll chop Your head off", even when not said into my direction, was better than any size...
Day 363
Stairway from the 50s
Visited my friend Kasia at the other side of Cracow resulted in nine hours with Adobe Ilustrator, a bit more of self-confidence...
Day 446
Minimal coffee
My first as minimal photo, I presume. It's a coffe cup my Mum brought from Spain when She was visiting her sister last holidays. And si...
Day 692
A journey
I stole that lightbulb from the back of our store yesterday - and seems, that it will keep me company for a week. It's gonna see some Cracow...
Day 750
No ceiling
No ceiling Long day, lots of photos and emotions. My mood today started from one of the lowest points this year, and it took about three hours for me...
Day 445
Missed sunset
Had to stay at work for an hour later than I thought I'll be free... made me miss the sunset from where I wanted to see it, but it's the...
Day 542
Morning tram
Returning from Tauron Nowa Muzyka at 6 a.m. on a highway between Katowice and Kraków wasn't the best choice to admire the rising sun's co...
Day 733
Golden blue monday
Golden blue monday Monday. Some people call it blue, since according to some research, it's the most depressing day of the year. Well... not this time...
Day 742
Puddle towers
Puddle towers Reflections, reflections. On my way to work I stepped into FotoPlus, for over six years - our main competitive store, one of the longest...
Day 424
Sharpness is overrated, I'll stick to this... and catching the moment is more important than him running in my direction from the dept...
Day 395
Pidżyn pidżyn
Such great sun on Saturday, free Saturday, I thought about postponing cleaning the house and going for a walk... and when fifteen minute...
Day 439
Wider angle longboarding
I shot https://tookapic.com/photos/195535 on Lumix LX100 on 30th of December and had to wait for almost three months to jump...
Day 540
Polish Airmen Park
Whoa, what a day! I've exchanged my shift with my co-worker, so instead of 4 p.m., I had to be at work at 1 p.m. - and I managed to...
Day 380
Hallgrímskirkja means Hallgrimur's church and that's the photo I wanted to upload here: http://www.instagram.com/p/BP4s0dqDWbI ... but I just...
Day 688
Juicy pomegranate!
Althought I shot some photos in the morning on my way to work and went to BeMy concert in the evening, an inspiration didn't want t...