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Tookapic made me a photographer. I came back in 2020 - let's see, how it goes!
#3 343/365
2 streak
Day 730
Six years (and a half)
Well... I did it. My second year of tookapic adventure is over. And so is my work in the store behind me. And since I'm startin...
Day 365
We're not afraid anymore!
I consider tomorrow's photo as the last one, since we had a leap year... but yes, I've done it. I've developed around five h...
Day 714
Cold Wawel / I've seen You before #5
Cold Wawel / I've seen You before #5 Yes, I love this castle. You know that well. After a day at work I stopped to take some long-exposure shots of th...
Day 731
Tookawalk Cracow #2!
Cold day, warm hearts! What an awesome collective of people! Thank You a lot, (from right to left, top to bottom) @klaudynaschube...
Day 791
Oh, I've seen You before #6
Oh, I've seen You before #6 This time it's bluish. I had quite a good day at work, went to Czesław Śpiewa concert to Alchemia club and... had a really...
Day 956
Well, hello again, tookapic. I hope You didn't miss me as much as I did miss You.
Day 446
Minimal coffee
My first as minimal photo, I presume. It's a coffe cup my Mum brought from Spain when She was visiting her sister last holidays. And si...
Day 465
Students dormitory
It was not the best weekend ever. I had an attack of under the weather mood and lost few hours trying to get back to shape, but wit...
Day 579
A plane! A shooting (perseide) star! Some trees! Electricity cables! And the sky, Milky Way, the stars.. yeah, taking a tripod for that weekend...
Day 732
Woohooo, You wouldn't believe! Yesterday I invited for a tookabeer, but Martyna made a little surprise and also did invite people - but this ti...
Day 382
Aurora borealis take one
Well, we got lucky on the last night at Iceland. Almost unedited, just straightened a bit. It's not perfect, but... these are...
Day 964
15 years challenge
Somewhere far, far in the past this woman (she was a girl, a teenager then... and so was I. A teenager, not a girl ;p) gave me her...
Day 419
Knobs, dials, masterpiece
Told You, I'm not gonna stop after one photo of it. It's the beast again, this time taken with a proper lens for this weekly...
Day 395
Pidżyn pidżyn
Such great sun on Saturday, free Saturday, I thought about postponing cleaning the house and going for a walk... and when fifteen minute...
Day 352
Wide angle longboarding
I really can't believe it, but... on almost last day of the year I went to ride my longboard! The weather was great, it was ar...
Day 368
Tookawalk Cracow #1!
I'm asleep already, so I'll write more tomorrow, but now just one thing: THANK YOU! I'll tag You tomorrow. From the right: My gir...
Day 703
Hubble bubble telescope
A streak pic after whole afternoon spent in the work. As for half of December, this Saturday wasn't as heavy as all the years...
Day 847
Rainy tookacoffee
@jenniferforjoy, @ianprince, now @tania... all three of You, tookafriends, that we have tookawalked and tookatalked in my city... Yo...
Day 984
Birthday gifts
Another year, another tookabeginning. I'm 30 now. And I'm starting this project again and again. This year it's 366 days. Again. Waitin...
Day 359
Take a moose for a walk
...if You don't own a dog. ;) I want to thank all dog owners and photographers for making my girlfriend smile every time I sho...
Day 451
Love between flowers
Lazy weekend. We went out for some longboarding, ate some belgian fries and a huge mexican burrito, had a little session in the f...
Day 793
TookaBeer / Ian and Daniel
Finally! A long awaited Friday, when I went to work and couldn't wait till evening :) there was a funny situation, though -...
Day 794
Cracow-Geneva train ;-)
I do have a great photo of the same moment as @ianprince caught during, but... I think both...
Day 860
Okay, if I don't upload this photo at 4:10 a.m., I'm not gonna be back to the streak in a long time. Priorities. It's been a long day - I wok...