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Kept alive by tookapic for 1000 days. Will come back soon.
#3 218/365
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Day 730
Six years (and a half)
Well... I did it. My second year of tookapic adventure is over. And so is my work in the store behind me. And since I'm startin...
Day 365
We're not afraid anymore!
I consider tomorrow's photo as the last one, since we had a leap year... but yes, I've done it. I've developed around five h...
Day 714
Cold Wawel / I've seen You before #5
Cold Wawel / I've seen You before #5 Yes, I love this castle. You know that well. After a day at work I stopped to take some long-exposure shots of th...
Day 731
Tookawalk Cracow #2!
Cold day, warm hearts! What an awesome collective of people! Thank You a lot, (from right to left, top to bottom) @klaudynaschube...
Day 791
Oh, I've seen You before #6
Oh, I've seen You before #6 This time it's bluish. I had quite a good day at work, went to Czesław Śpiewa concert to Alchemia club and... had a really...
Day 941
Well, hello again, tookapic. I hope You didn't miss me as much as I did miss You.
Day 446
Minimal coffee
My first as minimal photo, I presume. It's a coffe cup my Mum brought from Spain when She was visiting her sister last holidays. And si...
Day 465
Students dormitory
It was not the best weekend ever. I had an attack of under the weather mood and lost few hours trying to get back to shape, but wit...
Day 579
A plane! A shooting (perseide) star! Some trees! Electricity cables! And the sky, Milky Way, the stars.. yeah, taking a tripod for that weekend...
Day 732
Woohooo, You wouldn't believe! Yesterday I invited for a tookabeer, but Martyna made a little surprise and also did invite people - but this ti...
Day 382
Aurora borealis take one
Well, we got lucky on the last night at Iceland. Almost unedited, just straightened a bit. It's not perfect, but... these are...
Day 419
Knobs, dials, masterpiece
Told You, I'm not gonna stop after one photo of it. It's the beast again, this time taken with a proper lens for this weekly...
Day 395
Pidżyn pidżyn
Such great sun on Saturday, free Saturday, I thought about postponing cleaning the house and going for a walk... and when fifteen minute...
Day 352
Wide angle longboarding
I really can't believe it, but... on almost last day of the year I went to ride my longboard! The weather was great, it was ar...
Day 368
Tookawalk Cracow #1!
I'm asleep already, so I'll write more tomorrow, but now just one thing: THANK YOU! I'll tag You tomorrow. From the right: My gir...
Day 703
Hubble bubble telescope
A streak pic after whole afternoon spent in the work. As for half of December, this Saturday wasn't as heavy as all the years...
Day 847
Rainy tookacoffee
@jenniferforjoy, @ianprince, now @tania... all three of You, tookafriends, that we have tookawalked and tookatalked in my city... Yo...
Day 359
Take a moose for a walk
...if You don't own a dog. ;) I want to thank all dog owners and photographers for making my girlfriend smile every time I sho...
Day 451
Love between flowers
Lazy weekend. We went out for some longboarding, ate some belgian fries and a huge mexican burrito, had a little session in the f...
Day 793
TookaBeer / Ian and Daniel
Finally! A long awaited Friday, when I went to work and couldn't wait till evening :) there was a funny situation, though -...
Day 794
Cracow-Geneva train ;-)
I do have a great photo of the same moment as @ianprince caught during https://tookapic.com/photos/635249, but... I think both...
Day 860
Okay, if I don't upload this photo at 4:10 a.m., I'm not gonna be back to the streak in a long time. Priorities. It's been a long day - I wok...
Day 904
Ola D.
Ola D. I was trying to figure out how does the in-camera double exposure mode work - and I think it's one of the tryouts, cause I don't see any other...
Day 393
I always wonder seing things like that: what drove the person responsible for putting four pieces in the same order to do it so randomly? Wh...