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Kept alive by tookapic for 1000 days. Will come back soon.
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Day 156
Worth it
Absolutely amazing trip. We left at 10 a.m. and returned home at 4 a.m. next day, drove 800 km and saw most beautiful places we could. Experi...
Day 153
Smile :)
Iceland. Is. Stunning. I absolutely love it. And we had a great luck to have first two, almost three, days of good weather. Now it's raining...
Day 730
Six years (and a half)
Well... I did it. My second year of tookapic adventure is over. And so is my work in the store behind me. And since I'm startin...
Day 155
The door no. 5
Reykjavik. Such a beautiful city. And from all today's photos, with football watchers and Polish flags painted on cheeks, I choose that...
Day 148
Nate cam presets
I saw a link to Nate presets somewhere there and it's, I think, the first photo here that I only cropped and clicked the preset. Ther...
Day 365
We're not afraid anymore!
I consider tomorrow's photo as the last one, since we had a leap year... but yes, I've done it. I've developed around five h...
Day 368
Tookawalk Cracow #1!
I'm asleep already, so I'll write more tomorrow, but now just one thing: THANK YOU! I'll tag You tomorrow. From the right: My gir...
Day 572
Contrast is everything
I was really curious, what's the weekly theme, and I checked it out while getting out of work at 5:30 p.m. - and since I had an...
Day 66
While taking this photo I've been asked by an old man what am I doing and replied "homework for this week" with a big grin. Weekly theme and...
Day 437
Farewell, Winter
We have our little tradition with my Mother. Since I was very little, like... five? six? - once a year we go to Zakopane, take our sk...
Day 158
Did You know, that the word geyser comes from that particular one? It's called Geysir in Icelandic, which comes from gjósa. It blows every few...
Day 101
I'm afraid there was an accident.
Uh-oh. Even that old ones have bad days. I saw it while riding my board and I was already late (as usual), so I stop...
Day 154
Head like a hole.
Would You believe, that once there was hot lava. Erupting. And now there's some beautifully blue water. I love my new circular polar...
Day 446
Minimal coffee
My first as minimal photo, I presume. It's a coffe cup my Mum brought from Spain when She was visiting her sister last holidays. And si...
Day 175
The journey
I met that little guy while coming home yesterday night. He was on a long, long journey to the lawn on the other side of the road. But he...
Day 68
Wafel falafel
The Wawel Castle, that I pass almost every day on my way to work, seems for me something ordinary. I live there, it's my hometown, I got...
Day 157
Icelandic horse
Apart from lots of sheep that You pass by, eating grass and sleeping along the way, sometimes You find horses. They like when You give...
Day 99
Oh, it's You again!
Okay, I have to admit. You see that castle too often. I know. But this violet... Also, I needed to change some of my plans unexpec...
Day 145
Good morning, happy new week!
Risk of being late for work cannot stop me, if I see something that beautiful on monday morning! I've stopped, took a pi...
Day 160
Double window, double lamp
I saw those windows and thought, they'll be nice for our weekly theme. We were to Reykjavik again and tookawalk ;) Those la...
Day 510
Macro workshops
Since I'm officially an Olympus promoter, I've attended macro workshops organised for people who bought Olympus cameras during last th...
Day 363
Stairway from the 50s
Visited my friend Kasia at the other side of Cracow resulted in nine hours with Adobe Ilustrator, a bit more of self-confidence...
Day 146
That berry with straws.
It's sometimes completely enough to take one photo of a subject. It could have had a better composition or slightly further fo...
Day 151
This beauty is a beast
Everyday on my route to work I pass by Sobiesław Zasada's Mercedes car showroom. These beauties are really beasts. It's just fe...