Kept alive by tookapic for 1000 days. Will come back soon.

Year #3 Progress
Day 730
Six years (and a half)
Six years (and a half) Well... I did it. My second year of tookapic adventure is over. And so is my work in the store behind me. And since I'm startin...
Day 729
Nightmare Inspired by wonderful works of @ekropka and @magdatko , I took two photos today I'd like to talk about. And this is the worse one, but as we...
Day 728
mju II
mju II Look at that curves! Crisis. Total creative block. I've spent over two hours after work trying to shoot today's photo. And I'm still not satisf...
Day 727
Overhead pizza
Overhead pizza Have to admit, after finding my old photo - I can say for sure, I've made some progress. Especially...
Day 726
Rust and decay
Rust and decay It was a long day. After four hours of sleep I got up right after eight o'clock after my co-worker from Saturn, Paweł's call - we plann...
Day 725
Helldivers! Totally streak pic. I came home from work and felt like I need to relax a bit. Took my controller, played few rounds of Helldivers (the de...
Day 724
Framed Exactly one year ago it was incredibly cold, so since the weather was much better this time - it was time to
Day 723
Jubilat decorated
Jubilat decorated "Another day at work with time to take photos only when the sun is already down" can be my standard intro under every post... but he...
Day 722
Bernatka The Tilted
Bernatka The Tilted I love that footbridge! Another day spent at work, after which I went for a walk - this time with all the rented gear and... a tri...
Day 721
Fragments of the Main Square
Fragments of the Main Square Second working day of the year, spent at work - but quite productively :) I went out at 9 p.m. and instead of heading bac...
Day 720
Bokeh bauble
Bokeh bauble Second day of the year, yaaay... no, not really. Just like every month, we had our stocktaking - but this time it was a "yearly" one, so...
Day 719
Bokehworks Second year in a row I (almost) didn't see the fireworks. Almost, since right before midnight I got dressed and went outside just to see th...
Day 718
Colours of the street
Colours of the street Last day of the year spent at work... well, part of it. I closed the store at 5 p.m., then went to Kazimierz to meet with longbo...
Day 717
Monumental Konstal
Monumental Konstal I got inspired today. Read a great article about a day of motorman's life (in polish:
Day 716
Good Guy Dominik
Good Guy Dominik Last three days at work this year, last day - at my second workplace, that in two weeks will become the first one (but not the only o...
Day 715
Daria's new lamp
Daria's new lamp After yesterday's photo I knew I won't take anything better today, so... a simple, yet abstract photo od Daria's new lamp. It took th...
Day 714
Cold Wawel / I've seen You before #5
Cold Wawel / I've seen You before #5 Yes, I love this castle. You know that well. After a day at work I stopped to take some long-exposure shots of th...
Day 713
I've cut Your forehead!
I've cut Your forehead! Second day of Christmas. We ate late breakfast, visited our friend Beri in Częstochowa, on our way to Cracow (and stayed three...
Day 712
The Bear and the Maiden Fair
The Bear and the Maiden Fair Christmas means visiting the family. No Christmas could be true without visiting and her family...
Day 711
Christmas Gingerbread star
Christmas Gingerbread star No laptop = no Lightroom, so I tried to develop it in Polarr Chrome app. Works quite good :) I went to work in the morning,...
Day 710
Feminine hands at work
Feminine hands at work Last day of work at Bonarka before three days break for Christmas. It was ~30% calmer day than yesterday, but there were also m...
Day 709
Christmas mood at work
Christmas mood at work Well... yes. It Definitely is THE PHOTO of the day. It's just one of those days, when an infinitely stupid selfie will remind m...
Day 708
Dragon's Den
Dragon's Den It won't be one of my favourite photos of the year, and I hope I don't get sick after waiting for that flame - but hey, still worth it, I...
Day 707
Longboard Christmas Eve
Longboard Christmas Eve Well... along over 400 photos I've taken yesternight, this one is definitely the best. Our annual Longboard "Secret santa" par...