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Kept alive by tookapic for 1000 days. Will come back soon.
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Day 365
We're not afraid anymore!
I consider tomorrow's photo as the last one, since we had a leap year... but yes, I've done it. I've developed around five h...
Day 364
Let it smog / Tribute
Oh, I am not really convinced to this one - the composition and framing are not perfect. But it's the second photo I took that d...
Day 363
Stairway from the 50s
Visited my friend Kasia at the other side of Cracow resulted in nine hours with Adobe Ilustrator, a bit more of self-confidence...
Day 362
Farewell, E-M5 Mark II
It was a pleasure. Thank You for those two weeks. After reading lots of tookapic tutorials during lazy working hours in January...
Day 361
A path to somewhere warmer
As we can all see, not everyone follows the paths taken by others. Some people just have to walk their own way, even parale...
Day 360
Abstract forest
Okay, I have to admit I've failed that experiment. But from many tryouts, this one I find most abstract, and I was just freezing after...
Day 359
Take a moose for a walk
...if You don't own a dog. ;) I want to thank all dog owners and photographers for making my girlfriend smile every time I sho...
Day 358
Isia the cat
You might have noticed - I love cats. They are THE perfect animals. Pictured, there is Isia (Iśka) - one of three cats my ex-flatmate Rad...
Day 357
Lines in snow
I took another walk after work to shoot some pics, bit that freezing cold wind took all the warmth from me, so after few minutes I turne...
Day 356
On the rocks, in proper glass
Failed experiments strikes as always. I've done around thirty photos of that glass - at first empty, then with whisky in...
Day 355
Snowy traffic lines
After over twelve hours at work on the first Monday of the year I was heading home, but the lust to turn the car around and go sho...
Day 354
Happy New Year!
We rise our glasses with traditional cheap, Russian champagne to celebrate our cameral new year's party. Six people, gathered together...
Day 353
After writing new year's wishes for four hours (from 2 to 6 a.m.) and sleeping for around three hours, I woke up in a great mood on the last...
Day 352
Wide angle longboarding
I really can't believe it, but... on almost last day of the year I went to ride my longboard! The weather was great, it was ar...
Day 351
Haku the cat
On Thursday night I've found some time to spend it with my friend, Doris, and to honor David Bowie with listening to the Blackstar vinyl....
Day 350
Man with a candle
I was going to upload a "hygge" photo of my feet in a bath with lots of bubbles inspired by @radsatz https://tookapic.com/photos/190...
Day 349
Stuffed Champignons
They look like doughnuts, don't You think? After work we met with my friend Kalor (You might know him from my early photos since h...
Day 348
On the second day of Christmas we sat with my Mum until four a.m. talking and enjoying time together, so after eating breakfast around noon we w...
Day 347
Christmas full of surprises. Like that little concert my uncle gave for me and my Mum on his one hundred years old accordion. I've heard him...
Day 346
Christmas trees
Made of gingerbread stars, with icing and sugar dots. So colourful, so wonderful, so tasty... they were first thing I saw when we get...
Day 345
Frosty walnut
I took that one right after leaving home, on my way to work. It was vertical, but horizontally it somehow fitted a bit better. A walnut...
Day 344
Fly me to the moon
And let me play among the stars. A quick visit at Forum Dizajnu (Forum of Design) after a short talk with a club manager one floor...
Day 343
Morning walk with three dogs, Lucky, Ita and Tadeusz. I had to warm that photo up a lot, because with December sun it was greyish and cold. Now...
Day 342
I just cannot write anything here. It's a farewell of my Mother's friend. Aaa tam, cicho być... #indoors #portrait #afternoon #tuesday #hair #...