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My Confetti Moon Wow looks a bit time consuming but it was definitely well worth the effort! Thanks for sharing your techniques & info! BTW I like the layout of this capture :))

Satoshi T To be honest, most of the time creating a picture of yesterday, I punched holes :) really "time consuming"... and Thank you very much for liking this layout!

bvphotosnap ahhh, I wondered how you did that yesterday! You have an eye for creativity as well as details! Fantastic Satoshi!

Satoshi T My attention to detail is , like as @My says , A BIT time consuming :) :). but I like reproduce light effect very much!

jokele Wow, what an effort. Great work, @Satoshi

Satoshi T Thank you @jokele !

Satoshi T I make so many ø this time. Thank you @Cicérøn !

craig Very interesting!

Satoshi T Thank you @craig !

m_rudziewicz another great idea Satoshi!

vera What a work! bravo Satoshi!

Satoshi T I love hand craft @vera !

vera Great!

365 Shades of Calvados Wow... I love the final effect but it's a lot of work! Respect. :)

Satoshi T While I had punching holes, It was a little bit hard work, but when I was illuminated from behind, I was very happy :)

Kazzi Satoshi, I feel a little ashamed. You're so creative!

Satoshi T Don't feel ashamed, Thank you for your watch back bye-bye-last-week series @Kazzi :)

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