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Ron Dadoo more beautiful than real!

Aneta Muszkiewicz Wow! It looks like real! I love mountains in background <3

jazzie Cool! I feel honoured :) but you forgot the 'Post'-building ;-)

Satoshi T Aww I forgot "Die Post +"

Magda Korzewska fantastic, I was sure this is real train

elenagutga Great! I thought it was real!

Jola fantastic

craig Amazing!

tigg Yup - you have definitely cracked it! fab.

Hanna Gawrychowska wow
it is hard to believe that these are model not reality

bvphotosnap Superb Satoshi! So realistic that I think I'll board now! :)

Artur Łobocki Great light and background :)

Terry Artt Great photo Satoshi! It's nice to see my photo put to good use!

Satoshi T Thanks Terry! It was essential to this image.

120mr So perfect!

vera Well done Satoshi! You're incredible! :-)

Ola Powajbo When i saw it, i've thaugt that it's real.

tania Wow... I'm impressed !

Tadeusz Very nice view.

egzist I think the secret of this photo is with light. The light on the train is exactly like the real one on the mountains, so the pic is like real. Good work Satoshi! I think I should find my H0 trains in my basement. Old models from my childhood but some beautiful ones.

Satoshi T Sure, I watch @terry 's pic, and confirmed a strong light from the right. then I decided the angle of the light shed on the model. Since you are good at handling with the light, I think you can take your old model beautifully. Thank you.

Oli Wallace Incredible , looks Like the real one !

Kazziz Completely blew my brains out. Perfect shot. Love it.

Steve Karg So realistic! You constructed very quickly. Well done!

Satoshi T I constructed and take photo and already destructed :) Thank you!

Rohini Super idea and execution @Satoshi !

Eugene Alexeev @Satoshi, very well done! The only hint of the mountains being fake is the white balance. The sky appears purple, but the red of the train is very "pure" which would not happen under the same light source.

Satoshi T This time I use combination of paper print of @terry 's photo as mountains and SAVAGE No.58 background paper as sky. When I duplicate print image, Color Deviations and contrast is extremely emphasized. So I learn that more exact color tuning and needs to drop saturation. I'll try to continue because It's very interesting. Thank you @Eugene for your suggestion! :D

Kazziz I opened that photo and showed it to my chief at work, who is a great fan of trains (partly, I am too). From train's painting he was sure it's a real photo from Switzerland and he couldn't believe it's a model. I think it speaks for itself.

Satoshi T Thank you @Kazziz ! I am very happy to hear it.

Kazziz he's now calling You "that little cheater", but I am glad to show him Your new photos. He was really impressed by Your "bye bye" serie when I pointed that to him :)

Satoshi T I'm glad your chief seemed to like it. I want to express polish railway by handcraft in the future :)

Kazziz we're eageer to see it! maybe some trams, too (or instead)?

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