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craig Cute Chai!

Satoshi T Thank you and Best regards to Morag!

eamert oooo myyyy gooood! I just love it! <3

Hanna Gawrychowska beautiful fluffy cat

and as usual beautiful photo

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Satoshi T Oh Thank you @agnieszka_wyslowska for your valuable feedback!

jokele Great light, how did you do it?

Satoshi T lightbox with 2 diffuse cloth and black board for narrow. upper 300mm of cat. Thank you @jokele .

Chris Breitigan This is so neat! I would love to see a series of animal pictures like this. Fantastic picture Satoshi!

Satoshi T I am glad to hear your words. Thank you @Chris .

jewels Amazing series Satoshi. Catching a cat in a picture is never easy, your work is simply amazing!

Satoshi T They move everytime. so it is not easy. I am glad you understanding @jewels .

Margie I really like the light on the face of your pretty cat.

Satoshi T Thank you liking it @Margie !

Satoshi T Thanks!

freyr Wooow, this picture is perfect! It's not only beautiful, but also gives the viewer specific emotions. (-:

Satoshi T Thank you very much for your kind words @freyr !

noun Awesome!! Great great great!!

Satoshi T I like Djakuma too! Thank you @noun !

biquette Beautiful shot! And of course beautiful cat! :D

Satoshi T Thank you for watching and liking my pic after finish 365 project @biquette !

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Satoshi T Thank you very much @kimberly !

NitaR Another great shot! How do you get them to pose?

Satoshi T the secret is Toy for cat over the frame! Thank you @NitaR !

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