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Margie What a great photo!! Such fun framing and snappy colors. As a child, I remember the thrill of my mother finding a double yolk in the carton from the store. Maybe it was more common then. Nice memories from your yummy photo. Awesome composition and I bet you had to get it quick before the eggs finished cooking!

My Confetti Moon Happy memories is part of photography, so that is a delightful comment for me @Margie thx! Luckily my husband is understanding about my luv for photography because the eggs did end up a bit more cooked than he prefers!

bvphotosnap Very interesting info! Love how the cast iron pops the whites and yokes!! Yum! :)

Tomasz Dolata Bon Appetit ! :)

Roman Czarny Exceptional eggs from hens exceptional
Super shot

My Confetti Moon So kind @Roman Me & the girls appreciate that 😉 Thx!

Kateli Is this to go with the bird theme ?? If so, you're so funny ! I love looking at your photos ! Thanx for your good sense of humour and artistic work !

My Confetti Moon Lol @Kateli Yep, They are fresh from the birds this morning! 😉 Thanks for your likes & kind words; always appreciated!

Ron Dadoo Rooster eggs?

My Confetti Moon The girls cluck proudly, "The hens!" @Ron 😉

Satoshi T Nice composition!

Shawn No better food than a fresh sunny side up egg, in our family they are called bubble eggs. (so I guess we could call that a double bubble.)

My Confetti Moon Luv that wording! 😄 @Shawn think my family will too, thx

Michael Gatton Awesome photo, phenomenon, and tasty looking. Theme shot well played :-)

My Confetti Moon Thank you very much! @Michael

craig Beautiful yolks! I bet they were tasty!

My Confetti Moon Thx so much @craig! They are free-ranging flock & organic fed and have convinced many doubters that there is indeed a better flavor than commercial type! Lol

jokele Funny end for your chicken serie :)