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Michał Kulesza Aaah. It's just a mockup. Pretty confusing.

Ola Powajbo I thought you came to Bialystok for Tookapic second birthday. But wait we don't have sun today. :-)

Ron Dadoo "chat de goutière" in french

Paweł Kadysz You're not really in Bialystok, are you? :P

Satoshi T If you find black cat on the roof, it might be My little friend! I will celebrate Tookapic from the other side of earth :D

Maciej Korsan See you tomorrow! (:

Agnieszka Pilecka Satoshi - we mentioned you!!! Regards from the party!

Satoshi T Thank you @Agnieszka ! I'm sorry, Bialystok is "far far away from my home" ...

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