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jokele Good lighting. Which camera is that?

Satoshi T It's "Dinosaur". alias is beast ;) Thank you @jokele .

jokele Okay, I remember :)

vera Cool to see you Satoshi! 😊

Hanna Gawrychowska Nice to see you @Satoshi . Great photo.

Sebastian Gil Always love your gears shots :)

tigg Excellent

Ana Perfect photo IMO

Kateli Great selfie ! It's funny to see us tookapic photographers in front of the camera this week !

Joost van Halm Again very nice lighting @Satoshi. Concentrated look of the master, like it a lot! Favorite so far...

bvphotosnap Fantastic self portrait with great lighting and also great image of photographer working!!

WK Fan Looks professional!!

Tiljans Great pic, Satoshi!

jewels Great to see you, elegant and thoughtful photo!

Aneta Muszkiewicz Nice to see you Satoshi ^^ Nice bread! I'm impressed by your cameras and other photographic devices. That is called real passion!

NitaR Masterful!

Kazziz Satoshi, You're the man!

My Confetti Moon Fantastic! Your lighting is always superb :)

Luke Selfies are tough with a DSLR haha. Great work, Satoshi!

Boczek Nice to see You @Satoshi :)

Satoshi T Thank you very much and Nice to see you @jokele , @vera , @agnieszka_wyslowska , @Hanna , @Sebastian , @tigg , @Ana , @Kateli , @Joost , @bvphotosnap , @wenkuang , @tiljans , @jewels , @brinnan , @njr , @kazziz , @myconfettimoon , @1monthfreetrial , @roman , @czarniakowska and @kubaboczek_zdigilj ! I am glad to see photographers behind camera This week too! :) :) :)

Margie Wonderful!!! Lighting is awesome and most of all the intensity of your gaze into your equipment. I admire your technology expertise.

Satoshi T Thank you very much @Margie !

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T Thank you for watching my photos and very thanks for your word! Nice to see you @oskar_365 !

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Canon EOS 5D Mark II
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