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1 year
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3 years

Ian Prince I can see that! Yet, time flies!

Satoshi T I also remember you liked my first pic very early!

tigg Oh yes I remember that first one. Thought it looked a like an English cottage.

Satoshi T Haha I planned my house like old English cottage style and put old fashioned wooden furniture!

Natalia Balanina great portrait!

Satoshi T Thank you @Natalia !

egzist Wow 364! You are so close :) Good to see you again :)

Satoshi T I remember you also liked my first pic very early!

Jakub Purej qbanez Don't stop Satoshi!! :D

Satoshi T dziękuję @Jakub !

jewels Great portrait! Indeed, it shows quite an evolution! Looking forward to 365 :-)

Satoshi T Thank you very much @jewels !

vera wow! Almost one year!!! something has changed in the look! That's sure! ;-)

Satoshi T Yeah, This one year is very very special for me. I was not even thinking about I can interact with number of people from the other side of the Earth EVERY DAY through the pics!

vera That's great!

Ewa Kudlaty Comparing first and last photo you did big progress in photography. But looking on your face you seem to be younger than one year ago :D

Satoshi T Maybe my mind has become younger. Thank you @Ewa !

Artur Łobocki Well, I see longer beard and new camera :)

Satoshi T Haha! That's right :D

Malgorzata Kadysz I see that a year ago and today are two different worlds. New quality, new skills and the same but the new Satoshi. Congratulations :) Well done :)

Satoshi T Maybe, I think that I am able to little growth by looking at the great pictures, such as your photos every day.Thank you very much @Malgorzata !

bvphotosnap Wow! What a difference in the quality of the images! Great work @Satoshi! I'm thinking you will be including your little friend in your 365th photo? :)

Satoshi T Unfortunately my little friend is likely to get lost because he is too small...

Tomasz Dolata After a year, more often it is selfie with Curio than a camera :)

Satoshi T Haha! That's right. Curio became nervous on camera .

Małgorzata Czarniakowska Let me guess ... a year later You don't wear a watch..? ;) Great portrait @Satoshi

Satoshi T Ah, Good observer @Małgorzata ! I forgot to wear a watch X)

elenagutga Wow, very similar portraits, but so different at the same time! Great progression!! Waiting for the 365th! :)

Satoshi T I think I solved from nervous a little. Thank you @elenagutga !

Agnieszka Pilecka You look super! (You only change the camera :) )

Satoshi T Thank you @Agnieszka ! :D

Margie You are sooo talented.

Satoshi T Thank you @Margie !

Kazziz Your beard is bigger!

Satoshi T Thank you @Kazziz !

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