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bvphotosnap Very creative! Wonderful textures!

Margie Stunning image!!!!!

Magda Korzewska Wow super idea. I like it very much.

craig Phew, I thought you had fallen down a well! Great shot!

My Confetti Moon Lol! Thank you @craig but safe & sound 😀

Satoshi T Nice idea and execution!

My Confetti Moon Thanks very much @Satoshi

Kateli Great idea !!! Bravo !

My Confetti Moon Thanks very much! @Kateli

Ron Dadoo nice! very gOOd!

My Confetti Moon Thanks very much! @Ron

Amarnath Shiva very good perspective and well captured

jokele Super! Like the textures.

My Confetti Moon Thanks! @jokele I was very surprised at the texture thru the lens 😀

Tomasz Dolata It looks like a well photographed from below ! Great !!!

My Confetti Moon You and @craig think similar! Actually when pic showed to my husband, he stated the very same thing - wonder if it's a man thing lol! Thx 😀 @Tomasz

My Confetti Moon Thank you! @malgorzata Czarniakowska

NitaR Great idea and great shot! I think is looks like a view through a cast iron pipe.

My Confetti Moon Thx so much! @NitaR 😊