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craig Very nice!

Piotr Łaskawski looks great:)

Katrina Yu Very very nice!!

Ewa Kudlaty Love it!!!!

jewels How wonderful ! A true winter fairytale !

Roman Czarny Excellent miniature city - Christmas on it are so nice
(could be a little attached to the second plan - not a clear view characters distract from the main subject - if that were so, however, is that there are two sources of emotions is fit to work on the focus of this plan and such to distinguish it BW color)

Satoshi T In fact, I was overwhelmed to see a big set. I was greedy trying to put everything in one pic. As a result, it got messed up. I need to calm my mind and need to organize the contents. Thank you @Roman :)

My Confetti Moon I think this is my all-time favorite! A must & perfect theme, bravo 😊

bvphotosnap Beautiful colours and a perfect little Christmas world!!

Michael Gatton Still have a soft spot for miniature trains after my sons went through their train obsession as young children. Wish they had't outgrown it!

Satoshi T Young boys graduate from this world once, but they may be back again after becoming an adult feeling nostalgia ... :D Thanks @Michael .

Tomasz Dolata Beautiful in the Netherlands in stores are also an exhibition of Christmas mock-cities...

Grace I love this Satoshi! I bought some miniature figures to try do some photography, but I'm never very happy with the results. Maybe next year I will try again. I want to get more but they are quite expensive here.