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Ian Prince Hihi, you'll start (re-) seeing everything in ultra-wide ;)

Magda Ko Yes it is excatly, so happy with it. I got second kick to my project. It was good decision, thank you again Ian.

agnieszka bladzik this building always looks amazing with sun reflection, with this lens i can imagine more great shots of it ;)

Magda Ko I am quite happy with the result. Weather is something I can' t change. What i would change is clothing with high heels and Long coat was difficult to lay on the ground. From that perspective I could improve framing which is not perfect. Let's wait for warm, sunny days I will re-take it for You :)

Hanna G amazing compositon Magda

Magda Ko Thank You Hania. I am very happy with my new toy.

azral great composition! i love it! <3

Magda Ko Thank You @azral happy to hear it

Artur Łobocki Wow. Almost 360 :)

Magda Ko Almost :) I have so much fun with new framing. I will soon (or later) visit Tczew for bridge shooting. Be ready!

Artur Łobocki Cool. Just let me know when you'll be in Tcz :)

Magda Ko :) sure

Kazziz Ah, 114 degrees field of view... it came to right hands.

Magda Ko Yeah!

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