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Joe Fortin That is so cool!

Kateli Thank you !

Margie Awesome!

Kateli Thanks @Margie.

tania Winter yeah ! And Summer in St-Prex !

Kateli Yep, this winter is pretty strange !! Glad you had the nice weather too ! xxx

Ian Prince Le Poyet, no doubt :) Did you try one of their excellent local beers?

Kateli That's right ! Actually, we had a simple "blanche" ! ;O)

Ian Prince :) Next time check out their micro-brewery selection. You won't be disappointed :)

Ian Prince That's some serious kit your're skiing with ;)

Kateli Yep ! I've got a rucksack that I take round with me ! Otherwise it's in it's little polka dot case in my handbag (that I also call my suitcase) ! I never leave the house without it !!!

Kateli Will do !!

craig Really nice!

Kateli Thanks @craig ! I do get away form the lakeside from time to time !! ;O)

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