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Magda Korzewska Satoshi you are too kind to me :) Thanks for this panorama, I love it. For me You are the winneer of WT, please give us something more? (City lighths in Tokyo is something I will not forget)

cicely Great pic of a great view. Is this one Live Composite too?

Kazziz looking at the exif, it was. 1.5sec would be too short for a photo like this, especially with f/8

tania This is beautiful.

Alek Jedliński Wonderful Satoshi, I admire the views you have in your city as well as the photo itself :)

Rafał Wyzina Amaizing!

Katrina Yu Tokyo is just so magnificent as always. I seriously love this Satoshi!

Steve Karg Wonderful night time lapse, @Satoshi ! It reminds me of when I was a teenager, and a schoolmate of mine and I climbed a hill overlooking a city so that we could take time lapse with our Canon SLR cameras and a tripod.

I am also reminded of a similar photo that was on a poster on a wall in an office in Atlanta when I worked there nearly 20 years ago. It had the airplane lights and showed the red and green pulses during the time lapse over the city of Atlanta. Your capture of the airplane over Tokyo is really inspiring!

Szymon Maciejczyk amazing !!!!!

Dorka wow!!!!

Damian I'm so jealous ;)

Kazziz New wallpaper. Satoshi, You win the weekly theme again, I presume.

Ewa Kudlaty Another Amazing!

Grace this is so awesome Satoshi! I really like it, especially seeing the light trails curving around through the image. And I see you got a plane too, just perfect

Rohini Beautiful shot of the city lights.

Michał Woow O.O Someday I must go there ;)

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