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Hanna Gawrychowska nice photo
I think you know the story of all buildings in Tokyo.

Satoshi T Thank you Hanna and @Eva .
I might like the history of the building.

Gabriela Jaworowska ale wiedza o swoim mieście...tak dużym mieście...a jeszcze tak wszystko pieknie zapisane w fotografii...

Satoshi T Dziękuję Gabriela!

tania Did you expect me to recognize your signature from that picture Satoshi ?

Satoshi T Impossible to Identifiy by blue of building? sorry I was overconfident ,Tania. X)

tania Oh yeah... Blue is either Satoshi or Tania...

Magda Korzewska Satoshi is this close to Mori Art Museum?

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T You know well, @magda . Mori Art Museum is Just in top floor of this.
and I think , it's no reason Art museum was placed such a high floor.

craig Wow it is an impressive building! Unfortunately having a cost tothe local residents! A well composed shot!

Satoshi T Thank you Craig , it's a unique architecture, but it is indeed, a symbol of the disparity society...

Rohini Nice pic Satoshi and thanks for sharing all your knocked about these buildings with us. Sad to know about the locals who are having to pay a price for no fault of theirs. :(

Satoshi T People that eviction for this building does not have the economic strength that can move into it...

Rohini By paying a price I meant they don't have economic strength so they have to leave.

Satoshi T Yes, as you say...

Terry Artt Someone always has to pay the price of progress, hopefully they were re-homed in good homes. It is an impressive building.

Satoshi T The progress, always, there are people who will enjoy people and sacrificing it.

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