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Grace I've been wanting a macro for my Olympus. Maybe I need to try find this

vera Maybe!... The focus is not very easy to make. I can't say much more for the moment. I tried the Zuiko macro lens 60mm, and it was more intuitive. But for the price, it is interesting I think!

Michał I agree that close up filters provide decent results for their price. You just need to be aware about trade-offs. After all it's yet another piece of glass in front of your lens, so it exaggerates all optics flaws that are not noticeable normally. Nevertheless your pic looks great! I've also tried this option for my recent #theme-macro pics :)

Kazziz Indeed, Michał's right - it is a new optical element that always introduces some flaws... but for a cheap macro option, it is a good one.
Olympus has their own macro converter and I have even had it, but cropping from 16mpix was enough for me with 25 and 45 mm lenses, so I sold it.

And last thing: 30mm macro is half the price of 60mm macro and gives even better macro results (1.25x magnification comparing to 1x)... but it's got much closer working distance, so I'm afraid no moths nor dragonflies.

vera Thank you so much Kazziz and Michal for these valuable info that will serve when I'll be able to buy a new macro lens!😉

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vera Yes, it seems to me interesting!

Katrina Yu This is sooooooo beautiful Vera!

vera Thank you for your kind words Katrina! 😊

jazzie Very nice pic! I like the colors. And the brush :-P

vera Thanks Jazzie! Me too, I love this brush ... ;-)

Kazziz I really like that colours on the brush.

vera Thanks Kazziz! A lot of skies painted with this brush of ten years old!

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