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bvphotosnap Happy 1st Birthday! 🎂

patty8 Congratulations!🎉

Gogi Golzman happy birthday to little wiktor!
i wish him the best =]

bambicorro They really grow up fast! Mine turned 2 last January 😊

Magda Ko So cute photo. Happy B-day Wiktor.

Sylwia Sto lat!!! 😀

Damian Urocze :)

Kazziz Wooooow! When did it happen!?
Sto lat sto lat sto lat sto lat niechaj żyje naaaam!

Kateli Time flies the first year of life, so much happens, develops, changes ! Happy birthday to your little soldier !!

Viola Qniej już?? to niemożliwe... :) buziaki!

Ola Powajbo Sto lat :-)

Margie I always remember this because my youngest grandson was born on March 12th and I was just in Boston to celebrate the first birthday. I remember every detail like you do. Congratulations to your nice family and just enjoy. He is so cute.

lingers you have done a good job

S Kumiko Congrats, Sto lat, Omedeto!

jazzie happy birthday, Wiktor! 👑

Satoshi T you've become very handsome! Sto lat Wiktor!

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