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azumac perfectly captured!

bvphotosnap Thank you very much @azumac!

Bomba Good timing! I very like photos like this!

bvphotosnap Thank you very much @Bomba!

Satoshi T Great finding and nice quick setup! Basically, I keep in mind Low ISO value, but in some cases, it is better to select a high ISO daringly!

bvphotosnap I agree, I always have my camera set to 100 ISO but I'm so glad to have a camera that has high ISO capabilities :D Shooting during the civil twilight calls for a longer exposure and a wide open aperture if your subject is stationary. I had to expose for the bright moon and the black crow as well as for the action of cawing but thank you for very considerate comment!

jayce Wow superb and instinctive shot, so great capture!

bvphotosnap Thanks so very much @jayce!

Margie What fun and perfect placement of the beak!!!

bvphotosnap Thank you Margie! You don't realize how much the earth moves until you are trying to line up the moon with something :D

craig What a fantastic capture! Positioning spot on!

bvphotosnap Thank you very much @craig!

azral wonderful! great composition! perfectly captured! i l <3 ve it! :)

bvphotosnap Thank you so very much @azral!! ☺

Romain wowwwwww.... wonderful, and incredible that you noticed this!!!! Did you have to wait a long time until he opened his beak?!?

bvphotosnap Thank you @Romain! I heard him before I saw him, then when I looked out, the crescent was just behind his head. :D I think he's calling for a mate ;)

Tomasz Dolata Does he try to eat the moon? :) hahahha :)

bvphotosnap hahaha maybe ;) :D

jokele Looks like sound waves :)

bvphotosnap He was loud enough that it could be sound waves :D or really bad breath hahaha

freyr Such a great composition! Well done! (:

bvphotosnap Thank you very much @freyr! ☺

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