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Katrina Yu Ahhh I see your cat... Inception!

Paweł Te Great! How did You get it?

Satoshi T In special shop only for Polish dishes in Tokyo :

Paweł Te That is so cool! Do they sell there also polish dishes - 'schabowy' or maybe 'bigos'?☺

Satoshi T They now handle only Zakłady-Ceramiczne ,VENA, WIZA, KALICH, Millena and Ceramika-Artystyczna :) but if I can wait, I can buy other companies.

Paweł Te ouups, sorry @Satoshi, I made some misunderstanding, I wanted to ask if they sell also some polish food, not tableware:) Sorry once again:)

Satoshi T don't worry @Paweł :) . I must correct 'dishes' to 'tableware'. :)

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T no special order. but I think it is limited version.

Urszula Stachowicz I saw many cups from Bolesławiec, but this pattern is gorgeous! <3

Satoshi T I try to combine a dish of standing cats and a cup of sitting cats. Thank you.

Shawn I love that cup! 🐈

Satoshi T Thanks 🐈

120mr So cute!

Michael Gatton Nice arrangement and light, not to mention - cats! And congrats on the instagram featured tookapic photo :-)

Satoshi T Wao! Thank you @Michael for teaching that! I'm glad to know just now!

Ana Lovely:) It's nice to hear about polish shops in Tokyo. What else could you buy in Tokyo? (From Poland)

Satoshi T Thank you @Ana for checking my pic! I found a shop handling colorful room shoes from Krakow :

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