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Lauren Huston I share your pain (both figuratively and literally).... I went to the dentist for the first time in about 25 years last week.... Dentist took one look at me and you could see the $$$ appear in his eyes. :(

Grace I went to the dentist on Monday for the first time in a few years! No fillings for me though, I was so relieved. My husband just had to have $700 worth of fillings and I was worried I would have to have some too..

Lauren Huston I haven't even had any work done, and already looking at a $500 bill. :(

Grace Wow really that's pretty pricey. The $700 didn't include the check-up and xrays and hygienist but that didn't add up to $500!

Satoshi T Actually I was ashamed to coming out this carious tooth. But tookapic is going to record "Real life" .... Now I am open and feeling clearer.

Satoshi T In my dentist, CT-scan is $200. The 3D view of my skull was very interesting.

freyr I think that it's kind of genetics' thing (or maybe diet). Some people don't go the dentist at all and when they decide to do it he says that everything is perfectly fine (just like your case). And some go there every half year (or even more often) and every time they have to have something done... As always - matter of luck (-;

Luke I feel your pain, I had supernumeraries (extra teeth) that were found in some routine x-rays. Had to get them surgically removed! Not fun :/ Hope everything continues to go well and that the treatment helps!

Satoshi T I also found that there is an extra tooth that must be removed surgically this time (thin one at the top right), this is a bit depressed.

Luke Also, there's something very aesthetically intriguing about x-ray printouts....Nice photo!

bvphotosnap That's great! I was going to take a picture of mine too but they printed one off for me☺

Karolina Oksiędzka I might be the only person I know that actually likes going to the dentist :). I do scalling and sandblasting every half a year. And I always pick berry flavoured ones :D.

Satoshi T Dentist says, there are customs for foreigners (especially in Northern Europe) to go to the dentist once every three months and they have cleaned up and checked before becoming a tooth decay. However, Japanese people go to dentist after feel pain. We must change custom.

Satoshi T I also scalled this time. It is a nice smell and feels so good. I wanted to take it on a regular basis.

tigg I go every three months. Still have a mouthful of fillings though! Think that goes back to when I was much younger.

Yumi Miyazaki Oh no! Same like me

Satoshi T Take care @Yumi

Szymon Maciejczyk stay strong Satoshi !

Danuta Oh I really feel sorry for you ... OMG ! ... Good luck and be brave!

Satoshi T I will have the first operation next week. Thanks @Danuta !

Danuta Wooow !! ...waiting for you difficult time, everything went smoothly and painlessly, I keep my fingers crossed ,Good luck @Satoshi !!!

tigg Have you sufficient bone, or have they got to transplant bone into your gum first? Good luck - it is not a quick fix I know.

Satoshi T @tigg , Actually the upper jaw is a bit short of bone to implant -you can see black part- . It is still right after tooth extraction, so the dentist says to wait for the recovery of the maxillary bone. However, if recovery is insufficient, he said that I will need a transplant as you say.

Michael Gatton Pretty sure my X-rays would look a lot like yours, Satoshi. Also poor dental hygiene as a child, and no fluoridated water growing up. I'm way overdue for a visit and dreading making that appointment. Thanks for sparking the discussion!

Satoshi T @Michael , I was pessimistic about my tooth condition and I was afraid to be declared terrible and could not make a decision for many years. However, as I recognized the current situation coldly, the courage to come up with measures came out. I suggest you decide to go to the dentist first.

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