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Grzegorz Gilewicz IMHO the price seems good

Paweł Kadysz You're right. $12.50 would've been good if it was the final price. But unfortunately $12.50 does not include margin, nor shipping.

tigg Oh this is sooooo exciting. One of the things I really miss about 'blip' was the book that was automatically produced from your 365. It was expensive, but your title, your text, and your photo - whatever format, whatever strange crop- were printed in a lovely hard back book. I have manually done my years 3 and 4 but not found the spare time to fit and do my year 5. Or my Tookapic year 1. And I'm closing in on year 2 in a few weeks. Must be more disciplined. Such a wonderful book to have.

Magda Korzewska This is fantastic. I have printed my regular book for 2015-2016 and it is so beautiful. I can't wait to print my 2017 year (not sure if I can make another year). This one would be good as a souvenir. I would go for it if the final price is not more than double and I would have a possibility to print selected photo (not automaticaly). Good job Paweł!! (BTW actualy I buy this kind of books in terms of size from my trips and cost of mass productions printing is similar more or less 20euro).

Lesley It seems that some photo company would make a deal with you, if the books are coming all from Tookapic. What about a company like Shutterfly? Ask them about a deal? I like the idea of the small books, like you suggested. the

Ian Prince Want one! No, make that 898/60 of them :)

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