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Rafael good shot!

Magda Korzewska Beautiful, clean and nostalgic frame. Could be included in Lost in translation by Sophie Coppola.

Ian Prince Thanks Magda.

Lost in Translation is one of my favorite films! I guess it must have of influenced me, the shot was taken totally" in the moment" without thinking.

Magda Korzewska Yes, this is great movie, I like it very much. Enjoy your trip! This is so great city.

Kateli Great and interesting shots !! Like your new album !!

Ian Prince Glad you like them :)

noun Wawww!

Satoshi T Welcome to Tokyo Ian & Eva! When you took it, I was at area. from here, I can look up "Roppongi-Hills". Here is very hot in these days, please be careful about your health and soak in Tokyo !

Ian Prince Thanks. We were quite close then! Yes, we're always seeking out the shade, the sun is blistering hot!

Satoshi T Even though I am local person, it is very hot outside and my body is tired 😵 ... I recommend you to take shower 🚿

Satoshi T Usually I visit Tokyo Sky View in the evening, this place is always full of people. I took only outside the window. So your composition -Eva alone with morning sunlight in the wide angle- is fresh for me :)

Ian Prince Interesting. My camera is still on Swiss time so 7 hours off (I know, lazy me). I guess thats why it’s tagged morning when it should have been afternoon (at 1533)

Satoshi T Haha, you didn't change camera clock! I was surprised that you got up very early and were such active from early morning 😉.

v agnès Super composition I like it very much!

Adam Fantastic photo!!!

Gogi Golzman holly sh**t ian!!!! tokyo is perfect!!!

Ian Prince Glad you like it so much! I've just realised this is an #accidental-gogi-golzman ;)

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