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Magda Ko What a great idea! Sorry no more stars left today :(

Rafal Laczynski No problem :-) Thanx Magda!

Satoshi T Awesome idea!

Rafal Laczynski Thanx Satoshi!

Ewa Kudlaty Great idea!!!

Rafal Laczynski Thanx Ewa!

Tomasz Dolata Super :) !!!

Rafal Laczynski Dzięki :-)

Urszula Stachowicz It should be in the news. Definitely!

Rafal Laczynski I agree :-)

Ian Prince Top story :)

v agnès Excellent !

Rafal Laczynski Thanx! I count on the new TookapicHeroes success'!

Piotr Really great idea Rafał! Star from me.

Rafal Laczynski Thanx Piotr! :-)

Emde very creative :-)

Rafal Laczynski Thanx Emde! :-)

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