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Ewa Kudlaty Genialne zdjęcie. Udanych wakacji!

Magda Ko Dzięki Ewa, będzie cudnie i ... bardzo goraco

Ewa Kudlaty Z niecierpliwością czekam na kolejne zdjęcia!

Magda Ko Ja też, raczej będzie architektonicznie :)

Ewa Kudlaty Czyli będziesz w swoim żywiole!

Magda Ko Ok tak is jutra poluję na bauhaus

Ewa Kudlaty Zdjęcie dnia. Gratuluję!

Magda Ko Pierwsze :) dzięki Ewa

Rafael Fantastic photo! I wish you a nice and successful holiday 😀

Magda Ko Thank you so much, finally I have hot weather :)

egzist Great photo! Like from sci-fi movie.

Magda Ko Embarkment to spaceship :) thanks Lechu

Artur Łobocki Great shot!

Magda Ko Thnx :)

Paweł Kadysz That's the pic I was saving a star for 👌 By the way, maybe you should meet up with @Gogi ?

Magda Ko @Gogi lives in Haifa this is more north. Probably we can't make it this time. Happy you like my pic, I was impressed how it turn out. Expect more archi pic this week from me :)

Nilson Menezes Great, very great capture. A daily star for you.

Magda Ko Thank you so much.

Bridget Braun Wow, this lighting is stellar.

Magda Ko So happy to hear your opinion

Rafal Laczynski Wow!!! Great! Star for you!

Magda Ko Thank you Rafal

Gogi Golzman yayyyy welcome to israel magda !
i have a full week of work and preparations for a new apartment.
but if ill some free time between i'll talk to you =]

Magda Ko Hi Gogi, would be very cool. We are in TLV maybe for one day in Jerusalem and dead sea. We are doing slowly, it is so hot this days. It is great to be there again.

Gogi Golzman now you know how i feel every day =]

Magda Ko oh yes, this is fine for one week holidays but for everyday life might be difficult. Now I understand why most of your pictures are done around sunset.

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