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Kevin Drum Cool power supply tester! Don't forget to remove and reinsert the CMOS battery, remove and reinsert RAM one stick at a time, remove and reinsert CPU, and make sure that you're connecting that 4-pin 12V power. ;-) I'm sure you're trying all that, but I thought I'd offer a little help.

Satoshi T Thank you very much Kevin for your clear and specific instruction!
I will make checklist, and do step by step!

Satoshi T Dear Kevin.
I calm down my mind and once removed all parts and have begun mounting one by one. I changed old CMOS battery.
before booting, it report errors by buzzer, I found it and mouted.
Then, I feel something that it has been found to.
Perhaps the cause is memories! Thanks a lot :D

Kevin Drum I'm glad you've made progress!

Terry Artt Good luck with the repairs.

vera I just hope you ´ll make it work !!!

sarabembenek good luck :)

Hanna Gawrychowska Sounds dangerous ....
good luck

Satoshi T Thanks for your words, @Denise , @terry , @vera , @sarabembenek , @hanna and @Alek ! I continue to try.

Magda Korzewska I can not help you, but wish you good luck.

Comment was deleted

craig Good luck Satoshi!

Roman Czarny the success of Satoshi
unfortunately, as Magda can not help but keep your fingers

tania You are amazing Satoshi. You can do everything....

Satoshi T Thank you @magda , @craig , @Roman and @tania , I am really encouraged by your kind words!. :)

charles I truly wish you the best of luck. Having built PCs for my brother, girlfriend, and myself I've done my fair share of PC repairs and they're just the perfect mix of perplexing, maddening, and stressful, haha

Satoshi T Thank you Charles, I also think so.
and PC is broken just when I need it. X)
It's jast a "murphy's law" :)

Rohini Good luck Satoshi

Satoshi T Thank you Rohini, It has been felt to be likely repair!

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