craig Oh Satoshi, that looks so nice!

Satoshi T Thanks @craig !

Kasia Szyszko Looks tasty ;) event I would try it ;)

Satoshi T Let's try @Kasia !

Kasia Szyszko When ;) ?

mathilde24 Miam

Nilson Menezes Humm. Seems good. Beautiful tasty photo

Satoshi T Thanks @Nilson , I tried to add a bit over exposure.

Nilson Menezes Very well done. I am not very skilful when I take close-up from foods, over exposure is a very good thing, I'll try myself next time.

Katrina Yu Honey Mustard is my go-to subway dressing too!! :D :D

Satoshi T Its nice! Thank you @Katrina !

Hanna G When I look at it I'm hungry

great photo

Satoshi T I am glad to hear it! Thank you @Hanna !

Monika_msos Ale apetyczne zdjęcie 😋

Satoshi T Dziękuję Ci @Monika_msos 😋 !

jayce Hmmm looks tasty and healthy

Satoshi T Merci, @jayce !

Magda Ko Can I order Ramen please?

Satoshi T Yes @Magda , Today I went "Daruma Ramen" !

Magda Ko o thank you very much :)

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