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Magda Ko impressive

makebate Fantastic, my favourite one from today :)

Ian Prince Glad you like it so much :)

vera Great!

Heike Wow, amazing !

egzist Can you repeat the pic for one or two weeks? I'm curious how it will change every day, you know, different light, clouds, snow etc. ;)

Paweł Kadysz Yeah, I prefered the leaf series too :P

egzist It's time for Mont Blanc from airplane series :D

Ian Prince Sure, easy ;)

Ian Prince I thought that might be the case :P

Marcin Wojtasik Amazing photo! :)

Rafal Beautiful! Fantastic colours!

Jarek Piętka Wow! Awesome!

Viola Qniej omg! wonderful!

Kateli Wow !! Great shot ! Lucky you !!

Ian Prince Thanks. Totally lucky! If we’d have been five minutes later or routed to the east the shot wouldn’t have worked out at all...

mrmm2017 Love it!

Szymon Łupieżowiec Great photo!

robert_wisniewski SUPER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Satoshi T Precious view! Congratulations!

Gogi Golzman P E R F E C T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roman Czarny Wow Wow Wow

Rafael what an unearthly view! breathtaking photo Ian!

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