tania So nice to see you all !

Magda Ko Tania next time we need to meet too. BTW you are great actress ;)

tania Hahahahahaha !! My first video.... I can't tell you how the making of is funny...
I just booked my flight for a trip to Poland in Mai 2018... I'll tell you...

Magda Ko Thats fantastic. Cant wait to hear your plans and help you if you need any advice. See you in May than :)

tania Sure !

Hanna G me too

tania :)

Satoshi T Oh, Gdynia and Krakow have met at Bialystok!

Magda Ko Satoshi we had great time. Next year you need to come :)

vera So nice!!!!

Magda Ko Next year you need to come Vera

vera It would be so nice too!!!! I just have to convince my family 😉

120mr Yay!

Magda Ko Yes

Paweł Te Mocna ekipa☺

Magda Ko Oj tak i to jak :)

Kazziz silna grupa pod wezwaniem tookapica, @Paweł

Kazziz Awwwww, I'm really moved :* thank You, aunt Magda, for some really wonderful time. Choosing our selfie for today's photo really means a lot to me!

Magda Ko I have nothing better in my camera :P of course it is a joke, we have quite good one, this one I like as we both have funny faces. Would be great to come back to it after a while.

Roman Czarny Świetne ujęcie

Magda Ko Kazziz pomógł :)

Ewa Kudlaty @Magda @Kazziz nice to see you together!

Magda Ko @Kazziz is such positive guy, happy to know him in person

Kazziz next time I want a photo with auntie Magda and auntie Ewa <3

Magda Ko LOL

Kazziz Nie daruję Wam wspólnego selfiacza.

Ian Prince Awesome!

Magda Ko my new nephiew :)

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