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Roman Czarny Superb 😁😁😁

Rafal Laczynski Great pic! Asus is a good motherboard 😁

Satoshi T Yes @Rafal , I use LR on this motherboard 😁

maggaglen Kartonowy i gazetowy zawrót głowy 😁

Satoshi T Tak czuję zawroty głowy.😁 dzięki @maggaglen !

maggaglen Ja dzisiaj też 😉😁

viola Don't throw away your Tookapic T-shirt:)

Satoshi T I keep it ! Thanks @viola !

craig Oh dear! :-)

Satoshi T Thank you @craig , However, it is not easy to clean up...

Ian Prince And I thought I was a hoarder ;) Go for it!

Satoshi T You too? There is hope of release. 😉Thanks @Ian

Comment was deleted

Satoshi T they say 'Continuation is power'. Thanks @reneekorozo .

Urszula Stachowicz Nice collection. :D Don't pack yourself :P

Satoshi T Haha Heavy collection. Thanks @Ula-stachowicz . 😄 I hope recovery of your Nikkor lens.

Tomasz Dolata Hahahah and regret anything to get rid of.....

Satoshi T Through Tookapic's experience, I compare the photography and life. I've blindly pressed a lot of shutters and leaved them without judging which one was good. From now on I noticed that to press few shutters, judge exactly what I could, and throw away extra things. Thank you @Tomasz

agnieszka bladzik :D funny and lovley

Satoshi T I am also trying to clean messy and noisy things in my mind. Thank you @agnieszka !

eventide When I look at this photo, I'm immediately starting to smile :D

Satoshi T I am glad to give you smile! 😄 Thank you @eventide !

Danuta Difficult decision to remove, big collection! ... good luck Satoshi :) ... great photo, i was amused :D !!!!!!

Satoshi T I finally woke up to use dead space freely. Thanks @Danuta !

mathilde24 J adore cette photo elle fait envie

Satoshi T Je crois que je pourrais un jour aussi longtemps que j'ai quitté le livre, mais j'ai abandonné. Merci beaucoup @mathilde24 !

Abderrahim Unix guru :)

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