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Bruce Great one, Katrina!! Just awesome how you pull these off every day 😊😊

Katrina Yu Thank you, Bruce. With a dose of panic, perseverance, and coffee! The latter has helped a lot in dire times. 😁

Bruce Now you know why I live in the coffee capital of the USA :-).

Ron Dadoo hahaha!! Katrina life...

Katrina Yu Haha I know!! Every Friday afternoon (they sleep here 2 nights/week) after school I'd watch a movie with them and I always, always fell asleep and they'd always wake me up with too much poking. 😂

Gosia You never know when inspiration WILL HIT YOU :D Great one, I feel your pain, my baby puts her fingers in my nose to wake me. Life <3

Katrina Yu Ahh those little moments are precious indeed!! <3

Urszula Stachowicz Sorry for my laughing, but: hehehe. :P Your real life inspirations are also so great! :D My cat sometimes punches me in the face with his paw. I don't know how come his still alive. :P

Katrina Yu Hahaha!! I can only guess what images you have in your mind for him every time. 😝

craig I love it! A superb shot again! I had a cat doing the same to me this morning wanting fed :-)

Katrina Yu Thank you, Craig. It's how they show affection it seems! :D :D :D

Ian Forbes Great effect through the window, I like the way noise is acting like dust particles in the light.

Katrina Yu Thank you, Ian!!! I was surprised by that too. I've tried many ways on achieving the dust light particle effect, with brushes mostly but it just seems off. Didn't know dust textures work wonders!! :D

Comment was deleted

Katrina Yu Thank you, Beata. For these beautiful words. ❤️ That's what I've decided to do. I don't have the time to drive and look for forests/fields or just location every day (and buy costumes lol) so I have to force myself in seeing my everyday as something I can create out of.

Etherliana Great!!<3
How would I like my Ancymonek to shrink when he jumps on me: D
I envy this magic !!! :D

Katrina Yu They're just as heavy no matter what size they are in. haha
Thank you. Hugss <3

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