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Marta Nowakowicz-Jankowiak Congratulations! 😊

Kateli Thank you ! :0) :0)

craig Wow congratulations! What brilliant News!

Kateli It's only a local contest but I'm pretty happy because it's my first contest !! Thanks for your message !

Lesley Congrats! That’s awesome!🙂🙂🙂

Kateli Thank you for your support !! :0)

tigg Many congratulations. I recall winning a national competition once, husband was busy so son had to go to London with me. Hey ho

Kateli Thank you tigg ! It was a moment of complete happiness surounded by a close friend and my family !!!

Katrina Yu You deserve it so much and all the world has to offer!!! Congratulations and here's one of many!!!!! 🍾🍾🍾 ❤️❤️
Keep going forward!

Kateli Thank you Katrina !! Always a kind message from you !! Take care !! xx

mathilde24 Sincères félicitations

Kateli Merci beaucoup ! Pas un grand concours mais j'étais heureuse de gagner la deuxième place !! Ca booste en avant ! ;0)

jayce Bravo, c'est carrément la classe ! Le talent est récompensé.

Kateli Hi hi ! Merci pour ton message !! :0)

azral big congrats!

Kateli Big thank you !! ;0)

Zosia congratulations! I wish you more such great moments!

Kateli Aw ! Thank you, that's so kind of you !!!

vera Wow!!! See what Tookapic create! That's great!!!! Congratulations Kateli! We are proud of you!!!

Kateli Aw ! Thanks so much Vera !!! The Tookapic adventure !!! Never know where it's going to take you !! xx

tania Hé mais !!!! A force de faire les photos des uns et des autres, je dois en tous cas être à 603 !!!
Bravo choupinette ! Pas assez fêté hier soir, on se rattrapera....
On pourrait presque demander à St-Prex de nous nommer citoyennes d'honneur ad vitam aeternam, qu'en dis-tu ?

Kateli En total accord avec toi ! Merci pour les photos et ta présence hier soir ! Bisous tout plein...

Aga Ka Congratulations Kateli :)

Kateli Thank you very much !! :0)

Margie Congratulations!!! You got great rewards and look so happy. I am glad for you. Nice job @tania with the photo!!

Kateli Thank you @Margie !! So happy !

tania Thanks Margie !!!

Comment was deleted

Kateli Thank you so much !! :0) xx

Ian Prince Congrats!

Kateli Ta !!

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