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Hello Panasonic!

Ok, so I shipped the X-T20 to the new owner yesterday. And today I picked up a new camera, because you know... I am not a normal person who can go few months without buying a new camera.

So here it is. Panasonic Lumix DMC-G80.

Back to Micro Four Thirds, so no need for new lenses, at least for now. First thoughts? It's not the prettiest camera I owned. I think it might be the ugliest actually. But it definitely feels really good in hand. The grip is simply fantastic.

Build quality isn't the best. Some parts feel cheap, especially the plastic around the various slots. But it doesn't feel like it's going to fall apart. It is a weather-proof body so it has to be well assembled.

The ergonomics are really good. It just felt intuitive to use it. Instead of trying to be a freaking avant-garde (khm, khm, X-T20) G80 feels like it was made to make taking photos easier. All the slots are in just the right places. Nothing will be blocked by quick release plates. I can switch batteries or SD cards without taking the camera off the tripod.

That's it for now. I haven't had a chance to take a lot of photos with it. Lots of work today. And the battery wasn't charged, obviously. So I will be back with more thoughts on the G80 tomorrow.

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  • tigg

    Reminds me that a friend of our son needed to buy a camera to use on his fashion garments he designs, makes and markets. felt pleased he spoke to me for advice, I steered him with a few things I thought important [such as viewfinder, image stabilisation, ease of manual focusing, feel in the hand] and he has spent his hard saved up money on a second hand Olympus EM1. He has bought the 12-50 lens with the macro switch, which will be very useful for the detail he needs to shoot. It could last him for many years.

    • Gogi Golzman

      i was sure that you're about to get the E-M5 MKII

      • Kazziz

        We were talking about it before X-T20 - and from the Mark I, 5MkII seemed like not much of a change. For me it is, and G80 is a younger and more video-oriented E-M5 Mark II's brother. A bit bigger, but with a much better grip... and without high-res photos, the only thing why I'm considering to upgrade 😉

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