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Urszula Stachowicz Evolution. :D Still remember those floppy disks that never worked when you had something important stored on them. :P

vividcolourfabric Yeah, I remember those too. Especially - their tremendous size of 1.44MB. I still have a floppy drive inside my PC. 😉

Marta Yeah, but as far as I remember the smaller ones had capacity of 1.44 MB. These 5,25'' were even smaller (about 750-800 kB)

vividcolourfabric Yeah, I was talking about those smaller ones. "This. Is. Floppy!"

Ian Prince Oh wow, a Smalltalk/V floppy. I just loved programming in Smalltalk/V back in the 90s (still have the user manual)! So much so that I still program professionally now in Pharo Smalltalk 😁 Your floppy also reminds me of my first Corvus hard disk on my first Macintosh 512k that had a whopping...5MB....and cost something like 3000$. Would just about store a single tookapic jpeg :)

Kazziz The only thing I see that lacks is a VHS tape ;)

Paweł Litwin But still, the most reliable storage is magnetic tape as far as I know. And of course right now you can buy magnetic tapes with a lot more storage space.

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